In my short academic career, I have taught a variety of classes that go beyond my personal research interests (bilingualism, sociophonetics, and language style) into other aspects of the language sciences.

I am currently teaching:

  • Special Topics in Sociolinguistics (Fall 2019);
  • Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics (Fall 2019);
  • English Grammar and Language Use (Fall 2019).

In the upcoming semester, I will be teaching:

  • Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Spring 2020)
  • World Englishes (Spring 2020)
  • Contrastive (Crosslinguistic) Grammar (Spring 2020)

In the past, I have taught courses on Lexicography (Spring 2017, 2018), the English Writing System (Fall 2016), and Academic English (Spring 2018). I have also facilitated courses on Beginners and Intermediate Spanish (2016 – 2018). I have pursued volunteer/missionary work teaching English internationally in Europe (Czech Republic) (2010) and U.S.A. (Tucson, Arizona) (2009).

My teaching style involves the use of real world examples (particularly, popular culture references). I like to make the theoretical component of my class “spicy” by providing students with fun/tangible contemporary examples.

For sample class, click below:

Semantics and the lexicon: Week 5 – Lexis and Meaning – Sample Lecture

Source: Aspects of Vocabulary (Lexicography), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Check out class websites:

https://topicsinsociolinguistics.school.blog/ https://phoneticsatuprm.school.blog/

Back in 2011 with my mentor, Liz Dayton, on our last day of INGL 5009 Contrastive Grammar at UPRM.